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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 4, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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that left a woman in tears and begging for help. it was december in a court room. a 33-year-old woman seeking protection from her husband. she described the incidents that happened in the couple's home that costs are for her to ask for him to be removed. >> he pande me to a shelf, busted my arm. he then threw me down on the floor and i keep my pants. my oldest called someone to come get us. >> the judge was a bruise landed. he was suspended without pay for 30 days by the court of appeals for inappropriate comments he made in a variety cases. in this case, he spent 30 minutes question her motives and criticizing her decision. >> he is the threat to the safety and well-being of my children. i just finished graduate school and i have no means by which to
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vacate the house. i need him to be not there -- >>hen people say they are scared for them-they can go to a shelter. >> he repeatedly said it was owned by her husband. or would he go? >> at his parents. >> it is his house. >> that is not what the police said. >> i do not care what they say. >> he questioned her decision to return to a husband and acustar of thinking only of money. >> you allow money to control your better judgment. it is the easy way out. >> that is not it at all. with what? >> that is not my concern. it is your concern.
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your concern is money. what you have done and what you continue to do is based on what is an economically easy road for you. if your concern was the safety of your children, you would get out of there. but it always comes back to the almighty dollar. >> he granted the woman's request and issued a protective order, putting her husband out but only after he told her the court order was nothing more than paper. >> he could shoot you right through it. there is no guarantee. >> at one point, the woman was so distraught, she told the judge, i will even you can drop it. they filed a complaint against him because of this case. he was appointed to the bench 10 years ago. >> we have confirmed another woman has come forward in a
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sexual harassment case against john leopold. in a signed affidavit, she described herself as an employee of leopold's office who was on leave because of a toxic environment. leopold has been sued by a former employee for sexual harassment. he also faces criminal charges for misusing his security detail. records were destroyed to avoid being subpoenaed. she also claimed she had to endure sexual jokes and meet his request to pose in a bathing suit. her affidavit is provided to the court overseeing the sexual- harassment case. >> governor martin o'malley steps into the national spotlight tonight. he is among the headliners opening the democratic national convention. the governor and delegates gathered this morning.
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you can catch his address tonight at 10:00 right here on wbal tv 11. there is no chance he will overshadow michelle obama, one of the keynote speakers tonight. >> first democrats are taking care of business, including adopting the parti's platform. platform. >> a lot of excitement as delegates get down to business. they have a full evening, capping off with the speech from the first lady. delegates for the democratic convention are making history, adopting the first platform to include same-sex marriage. a move cheered by members of the lgbt caucus. >> folks like you are not going to stand for any less. >> it also takes on the
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opposition mentioning mitt romney dozens of times by name. but the highlight is the prime time speech by first lady michelle obama. >> you will have a personal perspective on the president, his determination during a challenging time. >> observers say her job is to serve as a character witness to humanize her husband and to explain what he has done in a non-partisan way. >> the things she has going for her is that when she says something, it is not seen as political. >> the president will be watching with his daughters at the white house. >> i am going to try not to let them see me cry. because when she starts talking, i start getting misty. >> the president arrives on wednesday. also on the agenda, a keynote speech delivered by san antonio mayor julian castro,
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underscoring the importance of the hispanic votes in this election. >> the wbal tv 11 is your home for every moment of the 2012 convention from beginning to and from michelle obama's speech to president obama accepting his nomination on thursday. you can also follow up dates on our smartphone app. >> deliberations resume today. frank williams and another are charged in the shooting death of rodney in december of last year. the prosecution contends they plotted to kill him after he allegedly killed williams cousin. they're charged in this case. >> family and friends are holding a vigil for a young mother gunned down in northeast baltimore.
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family and fans are gathering to remember larella amos. she was in the front yard of a house party early saturday morning when investigators say someone fired shots a block away, one of them striking her in the chest. her last words, call 911. >> i am not going to rest until it is completed. whoever who it is, i want them to come forward, somebody heard something or knew something. speak up. that is the right thing to do. >> investigators do not believe she was the intended target. the search continues tonight for the gunman. more at 10:00 at 11 o'clock. >> police are investigating almost a dozen shootings in 24 hours that claimed the lives of four people. the latest was this morning. in all, police say 10 people
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were shot starting at 11 o'clock 45 yesterday, including three doubles shootings. one resident says she escaped being shot when a bullet came through her front door. >> i was very blessed. because i was standing there where you see the bullet hole. it did not go all the way through. >> police are increasing patrols in the eastern and northeastern districts. so far, there have been 146 homicides this year compared to 142 last year. >> a grand jury indicted the teenage suspect in the shooting at the high school. robert gladden faces 29 charges including nine counts of attempted murder. he fired two rounds from a shock and he brought last monday on the first day of class. one classmate was critically
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wounded but doctors have upgraded his condition. administrators are eager to hear from students and parents as they continue to cope with the aftermath of the shooting. tim is at perry hall where residents are gathering. >> that meeting has already started. parents are still showing up. it is a chance to talk about what happened. >> my job is to provide support and make sure that when a student or staff member or community member comes in and say they need somebody, we have the resources. >> it is part of the healing process. more than a week after the shooting. that school's principal says he is eager to hear from the community in parents. >> i am hoping to hear we will have all lot more out of reach, we will take more notice, it is
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very hard when you have 2200 kids. we need another high school. i am a big advocate of that, especially at this capacity. >> the more immediate concern is maintaining a safe and orderly environment. >> but has it been like? >> i think the atmosphere is positive but realistic. i think we recognize we went through a traumatic event that has only happened in a small handful of schools. >> how are you processing this and your staff? >> my message has been consistent. tomorrow is better than today. if we take the mind-set we are going to work today, we will work with the kids as we need help and support. it is there and we take advantage of it. then we feel better tomorrow than we felt coming into the school today. >> that is the principal.
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that meeting is underway right now. we will have a report later tonight. >> gerry sandusky has a preview in prime time. ravens irst, i twtwo spent some time in the community. >> it will looks like we will have a few more thunderstorms this week. the seven day is coming up. right now is 82 at the airport. >> you are watching wbal tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. with rod daniels and don hamilton, your forecast with tom tasselmyer, and sports with gerry sandusky. oó
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>> the baltimore ravens kick off the season in six days but today biggest are spent the day on the community. ray rice gave away free tickets to monday's home opener. they also got a sign football and had their picture taken. >> the other ray spent the day
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with some students. he handed out 200 backpacks to students in west baltimore. they say they enjoy giving back to the community. >> it is great to give somebody a ticket to the game. obviously, me being a partner with them, they get to see me. you know what, it was great. they get to see me in my normal attire because monday night that will be a different person. >> just to make them smile, the bottom line. >> the ravens opened the season against cincinnati on monday night. >> now your insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> open we can get rid of some of this timidity by the time football starts off on monday. right now we are in the medical of a tropical mass that is
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generating an occasional tropical thundershower. hartford county, that cell is weakening. there are other showers and pennsylvania, some severe storms in and around the philadelphia area to our northeast. the potential is there for a shower and even a rumble of thunder. this is not going to go away immediately after sunset. for some areas, the downpours will be significant. if you look at our precipitation, you will see some hot spots in southern pennsylvania and baltimore county in the past 24 hours. since yesterday, areas to the north are getting a good soaking in parts of new jersey. but notice in anne arundel county, not a lot of rain to measure. today just a trace. that means for the month of september as we work our way through the first few days, we
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are below normal. for the year we are 5.5 inches below normal. i temperatures in the upper- 80's. the normal is only 82. we'd beat that by quite a bit. it is currently in the low-80's. downtown baltimore, 81 as the rain shower pass through. 73 on the coast. 70's in the mountains. temperatures will stay in the 70's tonight. if you suburbs may reach 67. -- a few suburbs may reach 67. all of this weather is locked in place. nothing really to take out the front until this front arrives. that is going to take a couple of days. it would generate more showers and thunderstorms. for most of the week, the threat
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of a shower will be there. highs tomorrow, 84-89. winds out of the southwest at 5- 10. on the bay, a small craft advisory. the waves will diminish and settle down during the afternoon when the thunderstorms will be popping up. use some caution if you are on the bay. a thunderstorm is the possibility for the next two days. the eastern shore, summertime heat and humidity. ocean city, showers and storms and temperatures in the low- 80's. rain chances are also higher. typically during the hurricane season, if you look at the most active time, we are getting there. right around september is usually the most active time in the caribbean and the golf and we have to bang storms right
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now. this is a tropical storm michael, 50 miles an hour. leslie a stronger. 65 miles an hour. expected to become a hurricane. lesley is the more dangerous storm right now. the seven day forecast, 86 tomorrow. 90 thursday and friday. temperatures in the 80's. >> from the sports center, this is 11 sports. >> with you where the ravens have an interesting day with their roster. the roster and the day the same way it began but for a while he did not think he would be on the roster. he wrote earlier he thought the ravens were going to really sam as they talked about restructuring his deal. he was due to make $3.2 million this season. the ravens wanted his salary
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reduced. he confirmed with the website he has accepted a deal and will remain a raven. that is a big relief for the head coach who wants to know when his -- who his left tackle will be monday night against the cincinnati bengals. >> he has been a part of us. he has never left us. i am excited about brian like i always have been. i love his style of play. we are going to be strong up front. he is a part of that. >> much more coming up on 98 rock. torrey smith will be our guest. we will be talking about brian and word that he might be cutting his dread box. you never know what is going to come up at raven's camp. we know it is up for the orioles. a spectacular september, the
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likes of which we have not seen in 15 years. they have won 20 of their last 28 games. the orioles are arguably the hottest team in the american league, the hot as they have been in the past decade and a half. they are within one game of the new york yankees. the o's are clearly the team with the momentum, and putting pressure on the yankees along with the tampa bay race. they come in knowing that they can take the series in toronto, they will have the yankees waiting for them on thursday when they open their home stand. here is the way it shapes of going into tonight's game. holding the slimmest of margins. the orioles won a game back. tampa bay back facing the yankees again tonight. stay with us. the seven day forecast a straight ahead.
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>>: minister raiders at perry hall high speak with students
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and family about last week -- administrators at parys hall high speak with students and family about last week's shooting. plus all of your late
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>> the seven day forecast, a lot of scattered showers and thunderstorms. that gets us up to 90 degrees. >> thank you for joining us.
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>> the nightly news with brian williams is next.
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